Davit-launched Type SOLAS Inflatable Liferaft

Basic Specification of ANA-D Inflatable Liferafts

Type Rated person Weight (kg) SOLAS A/B Required Bollard Pull 2 [kN]  Required Bollard Pull 3 [kN]   Max. Stowage Height 
ANA-D15  15 165/135 0.95 1.55

30 m

ANA-D16  16 168/138 1.10  1.80

30 m

ANA-D20  20 180/137 1.25 1.95

30 m

ANA-D25  25 210/155 1.45 2.40

30 m



  • The liferafts shall be packed with SOLAS A Pack or SOLAS B Pack.
  • Gas cylinders shall be of an approved type.
  • Components in the gas inflation system should be approved according to ISO 15738:2002.
  • The liferaft is intended to be installed with external weak link and a hydrostatic release unit.
  • The liferafts are to be serviced annually, provided where in any case this is impracticable, the administration may extend this period to 17 month. They shall be serviced at approved service stations which are authorised by the manufacturer.
  • Production tests are to be conducted in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.81(70) Part 2 and recorded by the manufacturer in accordance with the approved Production Quality Assurance system for Module D of the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC as amended.






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