AKANA Marine Tech. Company manufactures the finest marine and aviation life rafts available on the market today has a tradition of excellence for over seventy years, combining superior quality and wide array of standard features with unmatched performance.

The quality for which AKANA has become famous is designed into each life raft we build. AKANA engineers utilize the latest technology to develop precise engineering drawings and specifications from which each life raft is constructed. 


This advanced capability allows AKANA to offer customization far beyond any other life rafts in the market.

In addition to AKANA’s investment in high tech engineering and computer controlled cutting machines, life raft assembly is still performed by skilled employees. For some things there is simply no substitute for a skilled pair of hands. Our highly trained workers fabricate the CNC cut components into the rings and arches, which are pressure tested before assembly.

Meanwhile our skilled seamstresses are creating the boarding ladders, righting strap, ballast bags, gear pockets, canopy and all the other parts to be attached, as well as the custom sized valise if necessary.

The rings and arches are then assembled into the designated size and type of life raft. Our assemblers reinforce all the seams, and then add all the parts from sewing. Once assembled the life raft is once again pressure tested. Survival equipment is carefully packed into the Survival Equipment Pack. Any customer supplied equipment or supplies are added at this point. After a final inspection the life raft is evacuated with a powerful vacuum and then carefully folded according to the engineering plans for that life raft.

The life raft is then placed in our custom designed metalized vacuum bags. These are placed in shaping molds, if appropriate, and while continuously pulling a vacuum the AKANA designed compaction units compress the life raft to take up minimum space and meet the required shape and size. Once compaction is completed our completion team puts the life raft into its valise or hard pack. After final inspection your life raft is ready to go.

Each life raft is custom built for you by employees who take pride in what they build. Every craftsperson who assembles your life raft personally signs a production card that is included with your life raft when you get it. A similar record is maintained for quality control purposes. At AKANA we take a personal interest in every customer.

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